How to choose electronic parts for car?

Major role in repairing car has a selection of certain electronic parts. They should certainly be of superior quality and aim precisely for certain car.
Specific car parts can be divided into two divergent groups:

1. Original electronic parts
Parts of this group are distributed primarily through dealers. They directly represent firms that are producers of cars. Spare parts are wrapped in packaging manufacturer, they are applied properly labeled.
Performance achieved with the release of these parts, guaranteed by car manufacturer. At the official agent of the manufacturer, usually in the presence of a large selection of spare parts for a particular car model.
2. Non original electronic parts
In fact, "non original" detail does not characterize the performance of spare parts. It means only that the subject is not wrapped up in its native packaging manufacturer and not the official agent of the manufacturer of cars. These parts are produced by narrow-companies that deliver them on conveyors for the assembly times of several companies. Power of their production allow open and free sale in the electronic parts market.
For these auto parts using labels and packaging of their manufacturers. On the level of production not original parts tend to the original ones, although they can be purchased at the same time several times smaller.
Due to the fact that trade is usually produced more "popular" spare parts are in great excitement, their range is somewhat more modest. Some medium and large trading companies buy from suppliers at once great party of non-original spare parts, in their pre-prepared the packaging and sell using their name and brand. These components are sold in small special auto shops, stations and service station.
Planning for months, the expected car repairs, it would be nice to find quality electronic parts for it. It is necessary to guard against buying too cheap parts, due to the fact that mounting in the car they can cause unpleasant breakdown or accident.
Estimated cost of repair exceeds by several times the rest of the acquisition of spare parts worth. It would be nice to know more about the dangers to which you expose yourself and your family.
Do not miss the opportunity to buy parts from dealers in the official representatives of automobile brands - the original, or from suppliers with only positive feedbacks - poor quality.
When repairs of difficult and expensive parts, such as, for example, motor, starter, alternator, etc. you should not miss the chance to make their return to the previously recovered aggregates.