Bentley Versus Aston

The prestige forever was Bentley's deserved reputation to construct cars with the unsurpassed benefits of a civilization and incomparable style. Even with change of the owner and remarkable constructive changes, Bentley's style and departments of comfort remain steady. But you, probably, should be slowed down-mo to see those signs found in Bentley, Continental Big, This sports compartment car - about its W 12, the 6-liter engine on 500 horsepowers, with the turbine engine - isn't any simple problem of GT. It is the real agreement.

Bentley's four-door sedans apparently have enough space of a cabin conveniently to place a classical quartet; but this dvukhdverny sports compartment car, in comparison, smooth and accurate. The benefits of a civilization of GT are nevertheless plentiful, when Kontinentel's interior arrives to nine, exotic furnish of natural wood. Though you should leave a house quartet, the sensible center of entertainment comes a standard with a CD changer with six disks, GPS the navigation help, telephone preliminary conducting and the control facilities activated by a voice for phone. Places magnificent with pliable skin, offering 14 separate regulators, including lumbar memory of support and the power.

In balancing of its precipitancy Continental trips of GT on five - spoke, 19 inches, the painted wheels from an easy alloy. Sliding on a trip occurs from an adaptive and variable suspension to automatic alignment of cargo, a lobby independent, suspensions of a double fork with air веснами and the back stabilizer of stability.

Yes, Continental GT - definitely slipping equestrian in comparison with Bentley's dear, classical four-door sedans. Distinctly it keeps the generous qualities expected by Bentley, but you should concentrate quicker to accept all this.

British don't come! They already returned and going highly with Aston Martin DB9 in its royal fleet. DB9 - lightweight only in scale, being weighed for nearly 1,500 pounds it is easier, than huge Bentley Continental GT. However when business reaches important requirements of the relation of work/decline of drivers in this brotherhood of GT, DB9 measures numbers which deserve it the status of level of the champion. The supervisor of 911 Turbo, doctor Alkhrich Bev, director general Aston Martin, delivers awfully with meeting of conveniences which do DB9 threateningly appetizing.

DB9's structure - revolutionary (vertical/horizontal) platform connected to aluminum which provides the maximum rigidity, the minimum weight and fine 50/50 balance of weight. Unite it with a suspension of a double fork and 450 horsepowers, 6.0 liters of V 12 engines, it not a problem with DB9 going from a zero to 60 miles at an o'clock less than in five seconds. This roadster slips at great speed 186 miles at an o'clock soon after that. Semi-automatic transfer with six speeds works smoothly with shifters of an oar of magnesium which install liquid feeling of a true mechanical transmission. And a low-RPM ready response - not that other as magnificent.

Conveniences arrive groups to this pure board as clients are encouraged to use fully the program of an embodiment of ofAston of Martin. External options of paint are boundless. The interior consists of the sewed leather seats of handwork, both the door and internal furnish arrive to an exotic walnut, mahogany or a bamboo. There is also Lynn the 950th watt, system Hollow the ABM of the Logician of the II elections of an audiosystem to load.

That is even better, - that doctor Bev promises that it - only what beginning of the promise to be new British invasion!